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i know what makes me happy .... in my heart ur it <3 [entries|friends|calendar]
Sam ♥

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its been quite a year soo far.... [January 26, 4:49 pm]
sooo...life is kinda..BLAH at the moment.

i dunno whats going on with anyone...lol...especially myself. The buffalo trip was...well...terrible?..horrible?..worst vacation ever?..and that doesnt even sum up half of it. I spent most of the trip crying because boys are stupid...and i tend to be a tad bit overdramatic..lol. hense the "emily rose" moment i had..haha man i can be entertaining sometimes. But seriously the trip sucked. Me and Michael are........ actually i dont even know what we are...which is probably the reason im the most BLAH at the moment. i need to find a new boy..only problem with that is..my hearts kinda stuck on a certain one that lives half way across the country..yep good one sam. i dunno whether i miss him or i just want the attention from a guy. i mean i know i miss him...i just dont want too anymore. the whole thing is just down right dumb and i hate it. but more than anything i hate not being with his stupid ass...ohhhhhh boys are gay. haha gay thats a whole other subject im not getting into.....

Work is pretty fun...i have to say it can be very boring but i really do love the people i work with. School is well..school. Ive decided im getting a 4.0 this semester because i have some competition that i MUST beat...right jill?!?. So yeah lately everything has been kinda wierd..i think its just all the changes going on. Me and jill are officially single for the first time in two years. and believe me were perfectly fine on our own..its just gonna take some getting used to i think.

Ive been on a " i want to move" kick lately. ive decided that i want to move me and jill to orlando with skye. I wake up one morning and im completely ready to pack up all my shit and take off...and than i go in the kitchen and see my mom...and it kinda hits me how much ill miss her. but you gotta grow up sometime..and im ready to just go have fun with my girls...im sure ill be kinda homesick but im ready. i want to be on my own and just have fun for once. im sick of being looked at as little...i want to party! so hopefully everything will work out with that...because 3T in an apartment would just be absolute nonstop fun...it wouldnt happen till august so plans are still in the works..ill keep everyone posted.

so i g2g...im going to watch the hack-job ;)..its gonna be beautiful jillian!

merry christmas [December 25, 11:28 am]
i freaking ♥ christmassssss

+ got everything i wanted
+ lots of juicy
+ lots of abercrombie
+ a new ring!
+ and tons more

+BUFFALO in 2 day

+++++++ i see HIM in 2 days!

i ♥ the holidays baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"all i want for xmas if you" [December 24, 9:35 am]
so im going to work in like 10 mins till 6 o clock tonight which kinda blows but whatever...im so excited about everything going on in the next like two weeks!

+ xmas eve is tonight with the family
+ xmas is tomorrow...which means presents!!!!
+ monday is nails!
+ and tuesday we finally leave! which means lots of snow, lots of tubing, lots of new years fun,lots of my schmooters, lots of my lisa, and lots of michael!

o yeah baby im ready!

it was fun while it lasted... [May 11, 9:18 pm]
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TRIPLE THREAT ... one for all & all for one <333t

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